Outline by Luca Viapiana

The Sense of Security through Identity and Belonging

Presented at the last edition of Catanzaro Design Week 2017, this project aims at expressing the unique and solid sense of belonging to a place and its essence.

Relying on the artistic ability of Luca Viapiana and his artwork IL MERCANTE IN FIERA CATANZARESE , Outline becomes a painting, a unique and certified artwork, a security door customisable with the strong signs and vivid colours of any of the 40 playing cards.

Outline by Luca Viapiana affords art lovers a technically outstanding product and the feeling of reconnection to their personal roots.


Design your Outline by Luca Viapiana directly on IL MERCANTE IN FIERA CATANZARESE
or personalise it with the Artist: info@tessilarredo.com, tessilarredocz@libero.it


Standardised counterframe is made of press-formed galvanised sheet steel 20/10 thick, with 8 fixing and adjustment clamps. Jambs, architraves and frames may be removed.

The tear-resistant frame is completely made out of a steel sheet 20/10 thick, dark brown thermosetting powder-coated and perfectly matches the counterframe. The frame and counterframe are securely fixed by high resistance steel bolts that allow any alignment adjustment (out of plumb). Further colours are available. Patented frame.

Both the door and the internal omega reinforcement are manufactured using a galvanised steel sheet 15/10 thick. The concealed hinges are recessed and are not visible when the door is closed: they form a unique anti-burglary system, which provide the utmost resistance to break-ins. The door leaf is customisable both inside and outside with finishing panels. Safety glass may be inserted in the door leaf.

Concealed hinges have a diameter of 22 mm, are made of drawn steel and are fixed to the door stiffening with high resistance steel bolts. The steel pivot with two balls at both ends allows a smooth rotation and eliminates friction. Concealed hinges are adjustable both for height, with a socket screw and its specific key, and horizontally thanks to the bolts’ elliptical holes.

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Email. info@tessilarredo.com, tessilarredocz@libero.it